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                                                                    Government Shutdown and Sick Pets

government shutdown

During this time when the government is shutdown and our active military and other government workers are forced to take an involuntary furlough, we at Westfield Animal Clinic want to extend some aid to those affected by the financial hardship this brings. We would like to provide those affected with one less thing to worry about – healthcare for their sick pets. If you are affected by the involuntary furlough know that at Westfield Animal Clinic we are here for you during this time. If you have a pet who is having a medical issue we will provide an office visit at no charge to you and discounts on diagnostics, medications, etc. We will also work with you on an affordable repayment plan. To inquire further about this service please contact us and ask for our office manager Amanda Lowe or owner Dr. Denise Larochelle. The only requirement is a valid government id will be necessary to receive these benefits.