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Meet Our Team

Here at Westfield Animal Clinic, we have knowledgeable staff to ensure the utmost level of care for your pet. We pride ourselves on promoting health and wellness through preventative care and building long-term relationships with our clients and patients.

Below, is a list of our staff and some information about them so you can learn more about the people who are here to serve you and your pet.


Dr. Denise Larochelle has owned Westfield Animal Clinic with her husband John since November 2013. Dr. Larochelle has been working in the veterinary field since 2002 beginning as a veterinary technician before completing her doctorate of veterinary medicine degree from Iowa State University in 2010.
Following graduation, she completed a 1 year rotating internship at New England Animal Medical Center in West Bridgewater, MA. Dr. Larochelle first began working at Westfield Animal Clinic in 2011 prior to       purchasing the clinic in 2013. 

   Dr. Larochelle grew up in Southwick, MA and now resides in    Westfield, MA with John and their 4 dogs Belle, a mixed      breed, Wilbur, a plot hound/collie mix, Betty, a coonhound/boxer mix, and Daisy, Betty's sister. They also have 3  cats Lyla, Lynyrd, and Megan, 2 ferrets Elsa and Anna, 2 rabbits Sprinkles and Lollipop and an Abrabian Mixed horse named Elvis. 

 On November 5, 2015, Dr. Larochelle and her husband John  welcomed their first child, Emilie and on October 4, 2018 welcomed their second child, Abigail.

 Dr. Larochelle’s special interests in veterinary medicine  include surgery and preventative care. Dr. Larochelle is a  member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and also provides the veterinary services for the Westfield K9 police dog, the Westfield Animal Shelter and Animal Control, and the Southwick Animal Shelter and Animal Control. 

On December 21, 2018, Dr. Larochelle was selected for inclusion in the forthcoming Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and professional excellence. Her compassion and expertise set the standard in the industry. She has truly dedicated herself to her profession. Representing humility and personal touch she adds to her relationship with everyone she does business with, more than the value of her service it's her way of treating everyone like an extended member of her own family that people remember the most. As a talented disciplined professional she has maintained a proven track record of quality service, driven by her desire to succeed. During the vetting process it was noted along with her exceptional reputation that she has also maintained a positive peer rating. Her years of service along with her level of expertise and several other factors also contributed to her inclusion. She prides herself on honesty and integrity. She is the kind of professional admired by colleagues and peers alike. Her kindness and willingness to always help others and find solutions to most questions is both exemplary and honorable. She has made her mark on her profession as an expert and will become part of history as one of the top professionals in her field.

When not practicing medicine or working around the clinic,  she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, sight-seeing, and  spending time with family and friends and her pets. 

Management and Support Staff


Amanda Lowe joined the team at Westfield Animal Clinic in December of 2018 taking on the role of Office Manager. Amanda has 9 years of experience in investments, financial analysis, and book keeping. She has also worked in Emergency Medical Services as an EMT. 

In her free time Amanda shares her love and passion for animals volunteering her time and doing therapy work with her English Mastiff Mac at various events. They regularly visit the veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers Home, spend time with children through events such as Reading with Rover, and work with the active military through events such as Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Event. 

In her free time Amanda enjoyed showed Mac in local competitions at the Eastern States Fair Grounds as well as nationally at Westminster until he received his his Grand Champion Bronze certificate  on October 21, 2018. Amanda also enjoys spending time with her two kids Alliyah and Cody, their 2 other dogs Shea and Ka, and their hamster Moo. 

Amanda brings her experience and knowledge of raw diet, nutrition, and breeding as an asset to Westfield Animal Clinic's clients and patients. She is also our Lead Safety Officer for our newest treatment modality, laser therapy. 

Linda Edmunds is a receptionist at Westfield Animal Clinic. She has been with the clinic since 2008.  Linda enjoys spending time with her 2 golden retrievers Bo and Kalahi, her husband Bernie, and their grandchildren. They enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors.



Cindy Tourville joined our staff in July of 2018 bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field. She has worked in various aspects of the field from kennel assistant, technician, and now as a receptionist for us at Westfield Animal Clinic.

Cindy brings several benefits to our staff aside from years of experience including animal laser certification and animal CPR certification. Cindy has also expanded her knowledge having taken several animal science courses at HCC. Cindy’s experience with animals also comes from her years breeding AKC Labrador retrievers and currently being involved in the equine field as well.

Cindy resides in Montgomery, MA with her husband Dave and their pets horses Monty and Snickers, Labrador Retrievers Drake and Tallie, their cat Smokey, many chickens, Koi fish and bearded dragons. In her free time, Cindy enjoys being outdoors as well as spending time with her grandchildren and pets. 


Aliyah Johnson joined our staff in 2020 bringing with her her veterinary knowledge in particular experience working in shelters and rescues. 

Aliyah is currently a receptionist but wants to expand her position at Westfield Animal Clinic to include some technician work as well. She has begun an online veterinary technician program.

Aliyah resides in Springfield with her dog Baxter. She has a soft spot in her heart for terrier breeds and has done a lot of work with organizations focused on pitbull rescue. 


Alliyah Lowe joined our team in 2020. Alliyah works as a receptionist. She is currently a student at Fashion Institute of Technology school pursuing her degree in marketing. She resides here in Westfield. 

In her free time, Alliyah enjoys spending time with family and friends and her pets. She resides with her mom Amanda and their 3 dogs Mac, Shea, and Ka and their hamster Moo. 

alexAlex Mello joined our team at Westfield Animal Clinic in 2020. She is currently expanding her veterinary knowledge majoring in pre-veterinary studies at Westfield State University with anticipated graduation in May 2021. She then hopes to pursue a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and will be applying to vet schools in the fall of 2022. 

Alex resides in Westfield with her two cats Thor and Titan. In her free time from work and her studies, Alex enjoys playing soccer


Judy Nahorniak joined our staff in March of 2019 as a certified veterinary technician. Judy brings with her over 20 years of experience working in various aspects of the veterinary field. Judy received her education graduating with high honors from the veterinary technology program at HCC as a certified veterinary technician and with an associates degree in Veterinary Science.  Judy first started working in the shelter setting while she attended HCC. From there she worked as a ward nurse at MSPA Angell Animal Medical Center. She worked her way up to being an ICU nurse and working in the emergency department until they closed. From there, she has worked at several private practices until coming to join our team here at Westfield Animal Clinic. 

Judy resides in Westfield with her husband John and their two greyhounds Rosie and Robbie and their parrot Kito. Judy has a love for greyhounds and since her and John married, they have never been without a rescued greyhound. 

In her free time Judy enjoys being outdoors gardening and walking in parks. She also loves the beach and ocean  and is even a certified open water diver. Judy is currently expanding her knowledge in the veterinary field once again by taking laser photobiomodulation courses online at Companion Animal American Institute of Medical Laser Applications. 


Bryanna Fellows officially joined the staff at Westfield Animal Clinic in April 2019 after having completed an internship with our clinic from January to April 2019. Bryanna graduated from Holyoke Community College in July 2020 with her degree in veterinary technology.

Bryanna resides in Huntington, MA with her 2 rabbits Sophia and Leaf, her guinea pig named Pig, and her dog Piper. In her free time Bryanna enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time outdoors.