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Our Services


We provide services for all stages of your pet's life from their 1st shots to senior wellness.

We specialize in dogs and cats and also perform a select number of services for ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Primary Care:

          We provide all the basic services every pet needs including spays and neuters, health/wellness exams, laboratory and pharmacy services, radiology, general surgery, and dental care.


          We offer general boarding for our patients and also medical boarding for our patients that require daily medications.

          Boarding Daily Prices:
                        Please call for prices. Cats are all same price and dogs depends on size

Emergency and Urgent Care:

         We are happy to accommodate emergencies for our clients and their pets and do our best to be able to see you. There may be times where we are already over booked with appointments and may recommend you take your pet to an emergency facility for care. If it is something that we can not handle, we will refer you to a specialty practice.

Breeding and Reproduction: We value breed preservation and support our breeders who do genetic/health testing and want to preserve the breed standards as well. We will not do any progesterone levels on animals under 2 years of age. 

  • Same Day Progesterone Level - $70
    • This works in our catalyst in-house chemistry machine
    • reliable, quantitative, point-of-care measure of progesterone levels from 0.2 to 20
    • results available within 12 minutes
  • Radiographs to determine pregnancy
    • single view $80
    • 2 view $160
  • C-Sections
    • Please call for estimate and scheduling
    • Cost will depend on size of animal 

Laser Therapy

In May 2019 we added this great treatment modality to our services here at Westfield Animal Clinic. Since then we have seen some amazing results with our arthritic patients as well as with wound healing.  Please call and schedule a consult for more information.